The library’s mission is to provide support and guidance for students and staff to acquire knowledge and become effective users of information. To encourage students to become lifelong learners, the library will help them pursue academic and personal interests.

The library provides inviting physical and virtual spaces and staff support for students and faculty to engage in the pursuit of information, knowledge and entertainment. We assist in academic and personal information seeking and encourage leisure reading. We encourage the use of the library for research, studying for tests, collaborating on group assignments, seeking information of personal interest and curling up with a good book or magazine.

Thomas Stone Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide an education which inspires responsible citizenship, leadership and lifelong learning."
Core Principles  
·      We believe all students are capable of learning.
·      We will create an intentional culture of mutual respect, dignity, caring and concern.
·      Our classrooms and school will be physically and psychologically safe places.
·      We believe that our effectiveness as teachers has the greatest impact on the success of our students.

Last Updated July 15, 2010 PPC