Selection Criteria: How library materials are chosen

Does the book support the curriculum? Download Thomas Stone Curriculum Charts Core and Electives 

Is it educationally significant?

Is the book appropriate for the abilities and learning styles of the intended users/students?

Will the book stimulate student growth?

 Is it excellent?

o   Has it received positive reviews from professional selection sources?

o   Was it recommended by colleagues (teachers, media specialists)

o   Does the author/publisher/illustrator have a strong reputation?

o   Is it one of the better books in its category (subject/genre)?  

 Is it current?  

Does it contribute to diversity in points of view, religion, ethnicity, and culture in the collection?

In a work of fiction, are characters believable, authentic and engaging?

 Is the information in a nonfiction book accurate and current?

o   Are diverse points of view presented in an unbiased manner?

o   Is there an index and/or glossary that will add to the effective use of the book?

o   Is the depth of coverage appropriate?

o   Are the graphics clear and do they add to student understanding?

o   Are photographs appealing and do they and their captions add to student understanding?

 Does the narrator of an audio book use different voices for the different characters? Is the voice clear and engaging?

  Does a video have excellent cinematography and acting?

Charles County Board Of Education Selection Policy

School Library Bill of Rights
Last Updated July 15, 2010 PPC